Nazira Visram

Why are you involved with connect?

I work in education and feel effective communication throughout the cancer journey is key to a good outcome for patients, carers and the health professionals involved in their care. As a patient representative I feel I bring balance to the expert reference group by ensuring the needs of patients and carers are taken into consideration at every stage.

About my involvement

I live in Billericay Essex and am married with two children. I refer to myself as someone living with cancer.  My initial experience was challenging purely because it involved several health professionals as part of my care. Although each professional was clear on their role and familiar with the process; as a patient I had limited understanding which led to confusion and mixed messages. With time as things began to become familiar and the impact of the news had sunk in; communication started to become clearer. However it also highlighted to me the importance of coordinated communication between professionals from the very start of the cancer journey which sets the way forward.  It addresses anxiety and the uncertainty felt by the patient and their carer and can lead to a more focused and structured conversation resulting in a win-win outcome. I feel my role on the reference group is to ensure that messages such as this are picked up and utilised within the training programme.

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About Connected

The course is aimed at senior healthcare professionals who work primarily in the field of cancer and utilises an interactive workshop approach.
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How are we doing?

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