Mitzi Blennerhassett

Why I am involved in Connected

My cancer diagnosis was delivered without prior warning and following repeated false reassurances. Questions were met with ‘tailored’ truth or conflicting information. I had nothing to rely on.

Year after year, patients in the cancer support group I ran echoed my experiences. I became deeply involved in working alongside health professionals to improve cancer services. Good communication skills have an impact upon many healthcare issues, so I was really excited when the Connected programme was set up and delighted that my application to join the group was successful.

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About Connected

The course is aimed at senior healthcare professionals who work primarily in the field of cancer and utilises an interactive workshop approach.
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The Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2011/12

On most questions in the 2011/12 survey, scores have improved, which is a major achievement... more >>

How are we doing?

By December 2011 12,733 clinicians have attended the Connected course. Of the attendees 95% said... more >>