Talking with children

Talking with Children about Breast Cancer LondonBreast Cancer Care (2001)
Breast Cancer Care

What do I Tell the Children?Cancer Back Up (1999)
London; Cancer Backup

Talking to Children When an Adult has Cancer
Macmillan Cancer Support (2004)
London; Macmillan Cancer Support

A Child’s Grief: Supporting a Child when Someone in their Family Has Died
Stokes J, Crossley D (2001)
Cheltenham; Winton’s Wish

As Big as it Gets
Stokes J, Crossley D (2001)
Cheltenham; Winton’s Wish

The Secret C: Straight Talking About CancerStokes J, (2000)
Cheltenham; Winton’s Wish

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The course is aimed at senior healthcare professionals who work primarily in the field of cancer and utilises an interactive workshop approach.
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On most questions in the 2011/12 survey, scores have improved, which is a major achievement... more >>

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