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Connected is the name for the National communication skills programme which incorporates the best of a number of previous communications skills training programmes.

The course is offered as a three or two day programme based on experiential learning using actors to enable intensive role play.

The national programme is managed by a team based within the National Cancer Action Team(NCAT).

It is delivered through the localCancer Networksfor training core MDT members. Connected is however able to offer Communication courses to a wide variety or professional groups outside of cancer (see private courses below).

The programme leaders within NCAT support the Cancer Networks to develop their local group of course facilitators.

The national team ensure the quality assurance of the programme while the local Cancer Networks are able to respond effectively to local demand.

CYP Courses

Connected provides bespoke communication skills training for professionals caring for children and young people (CYP). The 2 day course, modelled on the generic programme, uses 2 facilitators and 3 actors to creat scenario's including talking to children as you as 6, adolescents, parents, grandparents, couples, difficult colleagues and a parent and child. The actors and facilitators have been given additional training to optimise learning for CYP professionals; we are able to offer training to a variety of professional groups; over 1000 CYP professionals have been trained since the programme began 2 years ago.

For further information on CYP course please contact Nicki Fitzmaurice (n.fitzmaurice1@nhs.net), Connected CYP Lead, to discuss your requirements.

Private Courses

Although the quality assured template remains, course content can be modified to reflect the needs of individual client groups, Once a client group identifies a need, The Connected management team will choose the most appropriate facilitators and actors to work with them to support maximum learning. Examples of private courses delivered by Connected include EoLC matrons, Specialist Screening Practitioners and Social Care staff.

Please contact Nicki Fitzmaurice (n.fitzmaurice1@nhs.net) to discuss your requirements.

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About Connected

The course is aimed at senior healthcare professionals who work primarily in the field of cancer and utilises an interactive workshop approach.
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